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The www.vitafree.co.uk website, and the VitaFree Health Ltd., who operates this website (hereafter: datamanager). We need such information by the subscription of the newsletter on the website,that can be qualify for personal data. The datamanager steps into all of data through the webiste, what he handles the all-time updated EU measures concerning the treatment of the personal data. In the course of subscription of the newsletter, we ask from the visitor of the website within named data:Name (First Name), E-mail Address, Full Name ( in case of natural person), Address (in case of natural person), Phone Number. The subscription of the newsletter happens in a volunteer's and present administrational conditions knowledge. We send a authomatic confirmation mail from the subscription of the newsletter to at the given e-mail address. The datamanager uses in the course of the subscription of the newsletter at the given personal data in order to,the customer gives positive permission with the order: ˙[newsletter and blog letter of advice] – [Propagation of own products and services] – [few time in a year propagation of an other character products or services, that the subscriber of the newsletter interest supposedly. The datamanager does not open up the handled data in any kind of circumstances to a third person. (except, by right of law for assign authorities obligatory supplying of data, furthermore the datamanager goes out of one’s way to keep it in secret, and the datamanager obligates the dataprocessor also in contract if it is necessary. You can make an end of subscription of the newsletter anytime on this way: 1.a. add your name and your e-mail address by the subscription of the newsletter on www.vitafree.co.uk website,and after select the unsubscription button, and click the send button 2. Write an e-mail with the request of unsubscription and with the giving of data to the info@vitafree.co.uk. 3. Click by the link at the bottom of outgoing e-mails. You may modify or refine the data on the next way,that it has been given in the course of the registration: The user can modify the data anytime, if he/she send an e-mail to the info@vitafree.co.uk with the request of datamodification and giving of the data. The subscriber of the newsletter ask information from his/her own personal data,and from rightfoundation and purpose of the datamanagment on this way: send a mail to the info@vitafree.co.uk .The datamanager is obliged to give the requested information within rational dead-line, but at latest from the submission of the request within 30 days. The datamanager is entitled to repayment for expenses from the datasuitor, if the datasuitor request again in the same subject within 1 year. We send an automatic confirmation to the given mail address, if you make an end of the subscription of the newsletter, and we delete all of data from our Database, what you gave by subscribe.

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